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  • Tuesday ,01 January 2019

His thoughts are still alive

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Tuesday ,01 January 2019

His thoughts are still alive

Eight years have passed since the departure of Engineer Adly Abadir Youssef, and by time we discover how huge was our loss for his departure. This noble national man supported the Coptic cause in Egypt by all his heart since he had a rare personality.

Those who knew the man understand my words very well as he was the only Coptic immigrant who spent his own money and time to serve Egypt s Copts inside Egypt and abroad. One of his prominent achievements is Copts United news website.
I can t describe his achievements in just few articles as this great man was able to change the negligence of the Egyptian government towards the Coptic cause.
Abadir had a strong charisma and this helped him to deliver his message to many Egyptians. Many people talked, but very few could organize thier message and intensify their effect. His conferences and news website had great effect over years. Therefore, his name was written in history and effect will last forever. 
He loved to be called "Egyptian to the core"  since he loved Egypt and its people and preached against discrimination. He was loved by Muslims and Christians, and got the respect of his enemies and friends. He also knew what he wanted and did not allow illness, fear or threat to hinder him from delivering such message. Thus, he will be alive in our hearts forever.