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  • Thursday ,20 December 2018

They are supposed to protect them!

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Thursday ,20 December 2018

They are supposed to protect them!

Egypt has moved from a state of security collusion with terrorists to facilitate the task of killing the Christians in what we call  the safe country . 

This mission was too hard for previous regimes. Unarmed policeman enters a church without weapon to declare the worshippers are infidels, then policemen prevent food from reaching monks at St. Samuel monastery in the desert after travelers and visitors were prevented. Maybe they decided to make its monks hungry till they abandon it forever. The investigations in the above mentioned cases were unrevealed before the public till they totally forgot about the case.
Couple of years ago, the sectarian attack at Samalout train where a policeman, who is said to be crazy but had a licensed gun, attacked and killed a number of Christians and we know nothing about his trial. Later, a similar attack is carried out by another policeman who knows he will not stand trial like the other policeman at the train.
Such policeman thinks he has to get rid of those infidels if terrorists can t carry out their attacks. Now, those responsible of protection and security are those who kill and murder. It looks like ISIS is controlling the majority of Egyptian minds under the protection of police.