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  • Friday ,09 November 2018

Weapon and Crime in US

Magdy Malak

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Sunday ,11 November 2018

Weapon and Crime in US

Lately California witnessed another shooting which killed 12-sk people and many were injured. Although more than 300 people killed this year in states from shooting gun, the government and the president couldn t do anything to stop shedding blood using weapons.

One of things we can t understand so far in the American system that any election keep promises to fix the economy or adopting policy against or with immigration but we never found banning weapons as one of the promises for any election campaign.

Unfortunately, the most people killed in such incident are innocent people was celebrating in a party or were in school which means the shooters always try to aim innocent people can t defend themselves.

We have never seen a shooter try to shoot a military base or a police station which in my opinion means that the crime escalating more against the innocent people which is more danger.

In conclusion, I want affirm that violence always target innocent people and leave their families sad and lonely because they just wanted to live in peace.