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  • Wednesday ,24 October 2018

Youth and Evangelism Bishoprics


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Wednesday ,24 October 2018

Youth and Evangelism Bishoprics

We thank God who placed in the heart of Pope Tawadros II the wisdom of improving the ministry as needed for development. Otherwise, huge and historical entities that remained rigid were exposed to fragmentation and refraction.

The idea of Youth Bishopric came in certain time to give youth what they need of activities and services. His Grace Bishop Moussa had many achievements in that field. However, the current openness now available makes it important to change the way of service and its objectives.
I don t underestimate the importance of Youth Bishopric, but I suggest its development since it has already succeeded in its mission for years. First, a priest should be assigned in each diocese to prepare youth programs in a more dedicated and proficient way using the experience of Youth Bishopric and this is better spiritually and less expensive. Such suggestion doesn t underestimate the great work of Youth Bishopric, but rather it adds to it according to the need of the youth. 
The second suggestion is to ordain a brand new bishopric of Evangelism since we stopped this mission many years ago for several reasons that made the Coptic Church defend its faith against spreading it. Yes, the Coptic church has always been the protector of the faith through martyrdom, monasticism, and education. 
Today, the situation has changed and the challenges have increased to include atheism and denial of faith. Therefore, we have to return to the old commandment of Jesus Christ:  Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.  (Mark 16: 15) 
What is the episcopacy of evangelism? It is an episcopacy that needs a bishop who does not ask for his own dignity and does not establish a place for himself but travels and does good and preach. He should target those who don t know the bible and don t know about Jesus Christ. Moreover, he should establish a unique institute to prepare preachers of all ages and classes and it should offer courses about Bible, theology and faith in various languages. Furthermore, he should have great concern in ecumenical dialogues and establishes a dedicated institute to study and issues recommendations for the Holy Synod. Such academic issues should improve the situation of Coptic Church before other churches. The results of ecumenical dialogs should be published before the people in order to prevent destructive rumors. This bishopric has to communicate with other evangelism organizations to benefit from their experiences even if they have differences in faith since we preach Jesus Christ above all.
We have to open new churches in new places like Asia and Latin and Pacific islands. This way the enw believers will find nearby Orthodox churches to baptize and teach them.
We also need flexible characters that accept serving homosexuals and atheists. They should be able to use new methods to minister. Furthermore, we need to finance such ministry and the Youth bishopric could finance the new bishopric and support it with ministers as well. such support should also include administrative work like visa issuance and flight and hotel booking. 
We will need to use love and power of youth in many churches in Canada, Australia, USA and Europe. They will be trained and fight against Satan in the name of God. They will preach Christ following the steps of many other churches that did the same.
Our church has a lot of resources and potentials that will enable it to do the job supported by its great history and saints. The new ministry will be supported by prayers and grace.
May God make us ready and willing to serve everybody and seek their salvation. Many blessings and graces are waiting for our church that will teach many people about the right faith.