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  • Monday ,15 October 2018

Education, religious discourse and punishment

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Friday ,12 October 2018

Education, religious discourse and punishment

For years, killers and persecutors of the Copts used to receive no punishment for their crimes. They were called unknown or insane before they are acquitted and this had greatly encouraged other extremists and criminals to repeat attacking them. 

Yesterday, seventeen people have been sentenced to death by an Egyptian military court over their involvement in bomb attacks on Coptic Christian churches.
Such punishment for killers of the Copts is not unique since several killers of the Copts had received similar punishments in the last two years. However, away from supporting the death penalty or not, it is good that the criminals are punished for what they do. Moreover, Egypt has to fix its education to teach children about equal citizenship and how to respect other religions.
I also remember here the call of the Egyptian president to change the religious discourse to teach the people about tolerance and equality. I believe these three steps are very important in developing Egypt and getting rid of extremism. They are: education, religious discourse and punishment for the criminals according to the law.