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  • Friday ,05 October 2018

Saudi Arabia double standard

Magdy Malak

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Saturday ,06 October 2018

Saudi Arabia double standard

The American president Donald Trump released lately a very dangerous statement against Saudi Arabia, saying that they king wouldnt stay tow week in power without a protection from the United States, asking the Saudi to pay to protect their country.

Although this tough statement from Trump none of the Saudi utter a word or tried to respond on what the US president has said.
The same situation happened one month ago when the foreign minister of Canada criticize human rights situation in Saudi Arabia and in the same day Saudi Arabia cut its relationship with Canada and threaten Canada to withdraw all patients and student from Canada.
What I want to say that power talks in the same situation with two different countries. In the first example Saudi Arabia seemed to have no power against US and in the second case Saudi seemed to have full power toward Canada.
In conclusion I want to say that Power control the international relationship between countries and when I say power I mean the economic and the military power.