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  • Wednesday ,03 October 2018

Monastesism… supporter of church

By-Samia Ayyad

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Wednesday ,03 October 2018

Monastesism… supporter of church

Chastity, obedience, obligatory poverty are three vows that form the core of monasticism that lwads to spiritual depth and the dedication of the heart and life to Jesus Christ.

Father Youhanna Nasif, priest of the Blessed Virgin Mary Coptic Orthodox Church in Chicago, said in his article about Monasticism that it has been a great support of the church by offering the life of the bible and leaders of the church have been chosen among the monks.
The stronger monasticism gets has always been reflected on the church in the world, especially when there is no minor division or conflicts.
Monasticism was founded in Egypt by St. Anthony who established it and gave the Coptic church a reason to take pride in that. 
When a number of foreign visitors came to Egypt in the late 4th century like Palidos, Jerome and John Cassian, they saw dozens of monastic areas including hundreds of monasteries and thousands of monks. They witnessed that sound of praises have not stopped from Alexandria to Aswan. Lets pray for strong monasticism that will be reflected on the church. Yet, we should not forget about the three vows of monasticism.