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  • Friday ,21 September 2018

Welcome to the USA

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Friday ,21 September 2018

Welcome to the USA
As many people denounced the call of Pope Tawadros II, Pope of Alexandria and Patriarch of  St. Mark See, to Copts in America to welcome president Abdul Fattah al-Sisi and support him during his upcoming visit to the states, an Egyptian newspaper published a letter by the late Pope Shenouda III, in which he calls Copts in America to welcome present Hosni Mubarak in the states in 1985.
such call could be considered a national call with a political touch. Therefore, many people may don t like such political role for the Coptic church. Yet, it should be understood in its context and its goal should be supporting Egypt abroad.
Those who want to support the president and welcome him in America are very welcomed to do so and even encourage by His Holiness Pope Tawadros and the Coptic church.
However, the Egyptian  regime  should realize that Egyptians abroad can only support their country when their country provides a safe environment for investment and to promote tourism in Egypt where they live. Moreover, the government has to respect equal citizenship and support the Egyptians in Egypt in order to encourage the Egyptians abroad to help Egypt and welcome the president.