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  • Friday ,14 September 2018

Hunger and Kim Kardashian!

Magdy Malak

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Saturday ,15 September 2018

Hunger and Kim Kardashian!

One of the UN organization announced few days ago that half millions of children will die from hunger and most of these children are in Africa.

Unfortunately, none of the media paid attention to that news as it is something normal to read or to see around us nowadays. 
 I imagine if any terrorist attack happened in US or any other country, we will see all media talk about it and try to shed light on the causalities, the cause, who did the attack and many and many questions will see media try to answer. 
One of the sad news we have to admit that children will die from hunger not because there is no enough food to provide but, unfortunately, there is enough mercy in the world. 
There are statistics declare that the food thrown in the western world actually is more than the people there eat. 
In conclusion, I believe that world need more mercy and more attention to the world problems like hunger more than focusing on Kim Kardeshian!