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  • Monday ,23 July 2018

Egypt Foreign policy

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Monday ,23 July 2018

Egypt Foreign policy

The Last visit for president Sisi to Sudan was remarkable and we should stop and analysis this visit especially that the relationship between Egypt and Sudan wasnt the best in the last years.

There is no doubt that Sudan is very important to Egypt and the vice versa, Egypt is very important to Sudan in many ways. Egypt and Sudan share many national issues like water, security, terrorism and illegal immigration.

 In fact, this visit will help a lot in solving the water issue between Egypt and Ethiopia, especially the Sudan has better relationship with Ethiopia in the file.

The visit to Sudan was very important and was unexpected but no one can deny that president Sisi was right in taking this step to be able to melt any problems in the relationship between the two countries.

In conclusion, I want to say that president Sisi was no doubt was successful in re-build the relationship between Egypt and most of the African countries and that what Egypt needed at this time