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  • Monday ,16 July 2018

Being busy

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Monday ,16 July 2018

Being busy

Sometimes people tell you this word “Keep yourself busy”, however, you might think about his word deeply and say, what does this mean?  Does it mean at work that you need to keep working and not let anyone feel that you are not busy so they don t fire you? Or does it mean be busy so you don t feel bored at home.

 Many and many thoughts could come to your mind when they say this word. Unfortunately, we have wrong idea about how things work in the west and we just try to entitle ourselves and say we wish to be like the developed countries.

 In Fact, being busy in general is something good if you know what to be busy with and to use your time in work, fun and entertainment.

 Also, being not busy sometimes is very important as our bodies need to rest and relax without being loaded or burden by things we need to do. In Our life we need both, we need to be busy and we need to rest and relax.

 In conclusion, try to be busy and enjoy working and being productive and at the same time always remember that you need to take it easy and rest.