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  • Friday ,29 June 2018

Me first

Magdy Malak

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Saturday ,30 June 2018

Me first

Lately the US president Donald Trump announced new Tariffs on the European countries and Canada; he claimed that European countries and Canada exploited the generosity of US by allowing their products to go to US meanwhile, forbidden the US products to be sold there.

This battle was very clear during the last summit for G7 in Quebec when the US president left the meeting early and before signing the statement of the summit, following by criticizing the Canadian prime minster “ Justin Treadue”.
In fact, no one can deny that president Trump is different from any other US president, not just because he defens the US interests but because he doesn’t mind to turn his friend to be enemy as long as that will serve the interests of the united states.
But the main question here is; will Trump continue on the same approach or will he try to change it in the next coming years?
In conclusion, we can say that the world witnessed lately a lot of changes that might change the future of the world and all countries need to be ready for that change as it seems that everyone slogan will be me first.