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  • Tuesday ,05 June 2018

Escape for safety

Mina M. Azer

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Tuesday ,05 June 2018

Escape for safety

Jesus Christ entered Egypt two thousand years ago fleeing from oppression. Egypt was a safe place to visit. Thus, he did not flee to a city of Judea or Galilee. When the people of Israel came out of Egypt, their hearts were attached to Egypt and many times did they think about returning to Egypt. Furthermore, history mentions that opponents of the kings of Israel used to flee to Egypt.

At that time, Jesus was a child accompanied by his family and stayed there for nearly three and a half years. During the visit he visited many places and performed a lot of miracles. Egyptians did not believe then in a divine religion, but were pagan. Yet, they welcomed him and treated him well unlike fanatics nowadays whom persecute Christians in Egypt.
The state that claims to wage a war against terrorism didn t show the due respect for the historical places visited by Christ since it fears the fanatics. Unfortunately, the state doesn t include such historical places on the list of its touristic attractions. 
The Egyptian government may open the cave of the holy family in Mataria to appear caring for Coptic monuments, but Egypt will only be safe when the extremist sheikhs who defend terrorism will stop spreading their ideas among the people under the official auspices. Long live Egypt in safety and peace.