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  • Friday ,01 June 2018

Being Silent

Magdy Malak

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Saturday ,02 June 2018

Being Silent
Long time ago I have read that advice from one of the saint that say “ I regretted for talking so much, however, I never regretted for being silent. I always was trying to be so much careful and try to not say anything might even hurt anyone in my talk.
Having said that, I have experienced lately saying something that hurt a colleague of my mine and once that happened I remembered the above say.
Sometimes when you talk you don’t recognize that something might hurt someone even if you didn’t do that in purpose. That situation taught me that even you are very careful, you still can do many mistakes.
In fact, Once I felt that I hurt my colleague, I went so quickly and I apologized and I have mentioned that I didn’t mean what I said, my colleague accepted my apology so quickly and even mentioned that he doesn’t
think that I have said something wrong.
In conclusion, I want to say that you can’t guarantee hindered percent that  you will never say something could upset someone, however,  you can guarantee to say “ sorry” when you fell you are mistaken.