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  • Friday ,01 June 2018

Why they do this?

Mena Habeeb

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Friday ,01 June 2018

Why they do this?

As several churches are targeted by fanatics, Christian houses that contain churches as well are targeted  to the church in your house  (Philemon 1). Many Coptic Christian women are disappearing and after a little while they are declared newly converted Muslims. Thus, many people are talking about Islamization gangs of Christian girls and women. Such talk is not new, but what can such gangs benefit from what they do?

First of all, they are expecting huge heavenly reward in Paradise according to their beliefs. Moreover, such reward is accompanied by a lot of money as a reward for their excellent job.
Second, it is a matter of honor and shame for Christian families. Thus, those who convince or play on Coptic Christian girls and women aim at disgracing their families and the Coptic community in general. They take pride in converting people to the official religion of the state that is believed is the supreme one over all other religions.
Many years ago, I heard a conversation between a couple of Muslim colleagues about how lawful it is to sleep with Christian girls. They almost agreed that it is lawful for them to do it. This also refers that they can take pleasure in manipulating these girls and women and are allowed to enjoy sleeping with them as plunder without any pangs of conscience.
 All this is not exactly brand new, but the increasing cases of disappearance of Coptic women and girls this year raise fears that it is systematic aiming to target the Egyptian National unity and such plans are clearly supported by fanatic officials whom seek heavenly and earthly rewards and fear no heavenly and earthly punishment.