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  • Wednesday ,23 May 2018

The unseen things


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Wednesday ,23 May 2018

The unseen things

All the earthly pleasures of the life are seen and touchable, but pleasures of eternal life are unseen and unheard.

The late Pope Shenouda III in his article  Resurrection and the enjoyment of the unseen  talked about things that we do not see that God promised in eternal life. 
First, the eternal life that we hear about and read in the holy books carrying promises of God for our afterlife. Man should prepare for it by repentance and charity works. Secondly, the angels and the souls of the righteous that surrounds us and protects us.  They exist though they are unseen.
Third , spirit which is unseen, but continually needs nourishment from righteousness, prayers and stems from man s keenness on his or her eternal life. 
Fourth, ethics and faith that lifts man to heaven and to the rank of angels that follow the will of God and seek the eternal life.
Fifth: enjoy the relationship with God. We see the power of God and His miracles in our life. Thus, we seek such life with him in the other life through faith. We have to practice the love of haven more than we love earth and its lusts.  not looking at the things you see, but the ones you do not see."