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  • Wednesday ,03 January 2018

In the 7th memory: Mr. Adly will be alive in our hearts forever

Ezzat Boulos

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Wednesday ,03 January 2018

In the 7th memory: Mr. Adly will be alive in our hearts forever

Egypt should devote its efforts to strengthen relations of love and respect among all Egyptians, the blood of the Copts is not cheap, what the Copts claim is nothing more than the right to a decent human life with their Muslim brethren based on equality, the destruction of Egypt is targeted by the Egyptian Wahhabbi media, the forced conversion of Coptic girls into Islam indicates the extent of the congenital decline because of the Wahhabi finance… these are few statements of the late engineer Adly Abadir Youssef, which I still remember very well, especially with the rise of the fierce Wahhabbi attack on the Copts inside Egypt to kill them while performing their religious rites or right after they finish their prayers.

Such targeting continued when the Copts demonstrate to claim their rights. They were hit by armored vehicles without mercy. Not to mention the multiple forms of emotional and sexual seduction that Coptic minor girls face aiming to convert them into Islam.
All this was talked about by the late Adly Abadir whose words diagnose the Coptic crisis that has not been solved by the successive government. Abadir had a strong charisma which helped him to reach many Egyptians who loved him. Many people can make a show, but he had greater influence over time. His conferences and online newspaper made a difference over time.
The spirit of Adly Abider is always leading my work at Copts United. He changed my life when he entrusted me to lead Copts United. I am glad I met him and enjoyed my life better ever since I met him. 
Everybody knew Mr. Adly Abadir acknowledged his intelligence and insightful insight even if they disagree with him. He was simple, funny and respectful. His name shall be always mentioned in history as great Coptic leader and thinker who loved Egypt from the bottom of his heart and earned the respect of his enemies. Mr. Adly, You are alive in our hearts forever.