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  • Friday ,29 December 2017

Doing the right thing!

Mena Habeeb

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Friday ,29 December 2017

Doing the right thing!

In what became more of a fanatic ritual, terrorists replaced congratulating Copts on their feast by attacking the places where they celebrate the feasts. This has became a ritual for years, starting with the big hit in New Year s Eve of 2010 where the Saints church in Alexandria was bombed killing dozens of Copts.

This has became more of a ritual since nobody was punished for such attacks, even those who proved to be responsible for some attacks, and recently the attacks extended to reach mosques where Muslims are performing their prayers, and yet nobody is being punished including those who incite hatred in the society!
As 15 Muslims assailants were arrested for attacking the church of Atfih, one Christian man was also arrested for building a church without a permit. This has one benefit for pleasing families of the terrorists and the terrorist who carried out the attack and will carry out other attacks whenever they like. Terrorists are not only those who are willing to kill innocent people even if they die, but also those who leave the terrorists without punishment, which gives them a message they are doing the right thing.