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  • Friday ,08 December 2017

Leaving an impact

Mena Habeeb

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Friday ,08 December 2017

Leaving an impact
Great people are those who leave great impact at the end of their journey. Three important people left this week. One died, the other was killed and the third just left her office.
A female manager in a news television left her office after taking her position for one year. She made an incredible change in the form and content which was assured and agreed upon by most of the people who loved or hated her. Many people didn t like her for being rude and aggressive many times, but those people agreed she was good at what she does and she left a good impact.
At the same week Saleh, former president of Yemen was killed by the so called by media the snakes that he played with through his life. Many people said he had bad impact on Yemen in his life and his death may lead to a civil war in the suffering country.
The third man is Dr. Thrwat Basili, the Egyptian businessman, who died on Tuesday after years of struggle with illness.  He was founder and Chairman of the Board of Amoun Pharmaceutical Company S.A.E., one of the leading private pharmaceutical companies in Egypt. He is also the undersecretary of the Holy Synod of the Coptic Orthodox Church, a former member of the Shura Council, and the founder of Coptic TV. He was known for his charity works. 
Many people mourned Dr. Tharwat including those who benefited from his charity work and organizations. People said he was a great man who used his money to help other people and to serve God. It is great to leave such impact on other people whether you have money or do something to help them.