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  • Sunday ,06 June 2010


By-Laila Fares

Short But Not Sweet


Sunday ,06 June 2010


The Church respects the freedom rights of those who want to divorce outside the Church, therefore, those who want to divorce should respect the Church's freedom rights as well. If a man divorces his wife, the Church does not force him to take her back, therefore such a man has no right to force the Church to endorse his divorce. Let those who want to divorce and remarry do it without the Church consent, and without the Church blessing. By definition a consent or blessing is voluntary and cannot be ruled by force. Nothing can force the Church. Nothing can force His Holiness Pope Shenouda III, and there is no power on earth nor in heaven that can separate him from respecting the Holy Bible and abiding by the Lord Jesus Christ commands. Besides, the Church is like an independent State. For example, the Vatican is a Nation. Nobody can impose anything by force on the Church, or the Head of the Church. Whoever touches the Head of the Church will find himself fighting God. And it would be better for such arrogance to apologize humbly before divine wrath crashes it for complete destruction. Let those who rule against the Church be anathema. Maranatha. Amen come Lord Jesus and save your people and save our dear Pope.