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  • Tuesday ,07 March 2017

Dear ladies... with all due respect

Medhat Bishay

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Tuesday ,07 March 2017

Dear ladies... with all due respect

As some of our MPs are calling to legalize virginity check on university students and non-criminalization of female genital mutilation, the Egyptian women are supposed to fight for their freedom like their mothers did many years ago.

Egyptian women should remember «Merritt Nate» the first queen to take control in history, Khentkaus, Queen of Ancient Egypt during the 4th dynasty. They may also remember Nitocris, the last pharaoh of ancient Egypt's Sixth Dynasty, and Sobekneferu, the Egyptian woman reigning as pharaoh after the death of her brother Amenemhat IV. Hatshepsut was the fifth pharaoh of the Eighteenth Dynasty of Egypt and the second female pharaoh in history. There were other great female rulers in Egyptian history like Nefertiti, Nefertari, Cleopatra and Shajar al-Durr that modern women should be proud of. 
Egyptian women indeed had great role in modern history including demonstrating in Egyptian squares and casting their votes in elections till their removed the Muslim Brotherhood from power.
Mohamed Morsi, former Egyptian president and leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, said in one of his speeches that he sends his greetings to women of different kinds! He may be thinking of the new kind of women who put a flower on the electoral posters instead of their real pictures!
There were new kinds of women under the rule of the Muslim Brotherhood like those who bite to struggle, or carry Molotov Cocktails for the same reason. There were other kinds of women who strip off their professor and hit her in the hall of university!
Finally, the women who provide for more than 30 % of the Egyptian should face all aspects of violence against them. This violence was legalized in our communities and was accepted by women.
I send my greetings to Egyptian woman in all fields, but the different kinds of women will be a bad joke by the great Egyptian president. Yet, women should renounce this retardation and fight for their freedom.