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  • Monday ,20 February 2017

Another Day Abroad

J.M Fahmy

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Monday ,20 February 2017

Another Day Abroad

Being away from Egypt is usually a problem, I can no more follow Egypt news!

While in Manchester I had a few choices Greece broadcasting and Cyprus closely related to Egypt do not forget Alexandria was built by Alexander the Great who took down Persian civilization of his time!
So both channels will talk of Major events happening in Egypt but that is not enough I get ESC broadcasting or channel 1, and once again that was not enough to keep me updated of Egypt's news!
Far away from Manchester in my other beloved country Antigua & Barbuda (6 hours behind Egypt timing or 5 hours behind GMT) and has nothing to do with Arabs or Arab countries -Note Egypt is not an Arab country but for its destiny is close by them and tangled by them-!
For 2 weeks my only source of Egypt news was and is Facebook which is not a relay able source for news but gives a hint of what is going on, for instance prices going up while USA$ is going down HOW come? Is it just greediness of merchants? I wonder!
Merchants are there to urn their living poor merchants run up and down to find a passing by guy sell him something and secure their food of the day that could be just one single meal, and others have the means to settle in a place pay rent and wholesalers for their goods and still sell to passers by their needs, but here we do have 2 categories, the ones that sells you your needs at a reasonable price to cover their expenses, and those who would divert you to other alternative more attractive, going to buy some sugar for your tea, you find a full breakfast with dessert too but obviously the price is sky hi, well you can still afford it that means you are rish and he can still get a better profit from you and we go in to the greediness part of merchants!
In this country Antigua & Barbuda we have both types specially that its economy depends on tourism like Egypt but it is its the ONLY resource they do have still agriculture but for local consumption not to export specially that their only resource of irrigation is RAIN no rivers like the river Nile! This means that if drought happens they need to import their food an other overhead on the economy!
However, when I see an old lady merchant walking up and down trying to find a buyer to secure some food for the day and she sees an other old lady tourist trying to step down the side walk and the merchant offers to help the tourist step down the view is an old local lady helping an old tourist just to help not for any benefit you have to respect that local lady!
 Do you see now why I love this country Antigua & Barbuda? In my short vacation here when I need something I just ask for it and will get it immediately some times for free and most of the times I have to fight to get a moderate price no greediness in it! All locals men and women are here to help each other survive! Very few not initially locals are here greedy trying to make a fortune not just a living; so may God bless  this country Antigua & Barbuda like he did bless Egypt for their humanity!
May God keep blessing Egypt and Egyptians and his peace be upon you all!