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  • Friday ,18 November 2016

El-Orman Botanical Gardens




Friday ,18 November 2016

El-Orman Botanical Gardens

 Moving out of Zamalek and across the river to Giza, we come to El-Orman.

Famous for its enchanting gardens and dazzling collection of flowers, El-Orman is always flooded with visitors in March and April during its annual spring festival.
But these gardens are also a great destination in the cooler autumn and winter days. 
The 19th century garden, which was opened to the public in 1910, stretches over almost 28 acres of land, adjacent to the Giza zoo. Entrance tickets are just EGP 3.
Entering the park from Dokki Street, you cross through a grand gate into this green world and walk straight ahead until you find yourself crossing an old wooden bridge stretching over the garden’s pond.
Depending on which time of the week or month you go, you may find the pond clear of debris, or full of rubbish.
Although the spring festival is the best time of year to go to the park, you can enjoy its gardens and unique collection of trees, plants and flowers all year long.
When you leave the pond and the bridge behind and walk more towards the western part of the park, you will find lines of trees with wooden benches on both sides as you walk towards the gardens. 
If you keep walking past the benches and the gardens you will find yourself reaching the other entrance of the park, across from Giza Zoo.