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  • Saturday ,02 July 2016

Did President Sisi fail to obtain Justice?

Magdy Malak

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Saturday ,02 July 2016

Did President Sisi fail to obtain Justice?

Every day while I read or follow the news, I read about violence against Coptic everywhere in Egypt. This violence let me ask this question: Did President Sisi failed to obtain Justice to Egyptian and especially Coptic?

Justice is a deep meaning to stability, because if people didn’t feel Justice, the country will not live in peace and peace is the core point for safe society. You can’t obtain justice in any place without execute the law and let it apply on all people without any discrimination or without being biased.
When the accident happened against the Egyptian Coptic lady, we all were asking to apply the law on those people committed this crime. Unfortunately, the security and what’s called “family home” were seeking reconciliation.
I respected Ava Makarious because he was insisting on executing the law and not resort to the conciliation sessions. Law is the main key to achieve justice and if President Sisi didn’t recognize this fact, he will suffer from another revolution.