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  • Thursday ,30 June 2016

'Egyptian people regained identity in 30 June revolution: Egypt's Sisi


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Thursday ,30 June 2016

'Egyptian people regained identity in 30 June revolution: Egypt's Sisi
Egypt's President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi said Thursday that that the Egyptian people "regained their identity" in the 30 June 2013 protests that led to the ouster of Islamist president Mohamed Morsi.
In a televised speech, the president commemorated the third anniversary of the protests, adding that Egyptians' will has recently become "the driving power that determines the fate of the nation."
"[The Egyptian people] proved to the world that their will can't be oppressed and that their determination is set for a better life and a bright future for their offspring," he declared.
El-Sisi, who became the country's president two years ago, stated that "we are in a race with time to accomplish long-awaited achievements."
He added that during the past two years, a number of national projects have been inaugurated and the government has increased efforts to improve the life of citizens.
The number of challenges facing Egypt is great, El-Sisi stressed: "We have to double our efforts to compensate for lost time in the past years, especially amid the economic situation the country is currently going through."
He also touched on "black terrorism" that is attempting "to stand between Egyptians and their hopes and dreams." He said that the threat of terrorism is a threat to all countries and nations and that it no longer distinguishes between borders and religions.
El-Sisi said that international efforts should be united in the face of terrorism in order to eradicate it.
"Long live Egypt, long live Egypt, long live Egypt," the president concluded his five-minute speech.
On 30 June three years ago, millions of citizens took to the streets to protest the rule of Morsi, who had come to power a year prior.
Morsi was removed from office on 3 July before facing trial on various charges and has been incarcerated ever since.