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  • Wednesday ,22 June 2016

Crazy Thoughts

Michel Fahmy

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Wednesday ,22 June 2016

Crazy Thoughts

Egypt is in real danger because of the Minister of legal Affairs and the parliament Mr. Agati and the Prime Minister. In fact, Egypt has been subject to many conspiracies since the great revolution of June 30. Many people have called for reconciliation with the Muslim Brotherhood though it was named terrorist organization in Egypt and several countries around the world. 

The Egyptian people refuse such calls of reconciliation with the terrorists. However, the real danger comes when the Minister of legal Affairs and the parliament says that there is a chance to reconcile with members of the Muslim Brotherhood who were not involved with violence or murder since the Egyptian constitution states that the government has to work for national reconciliation between classes of the Egyptian people. He said that the government accepts such reconciliation, but the minister forgot that he is talking about a terrorist group that most of its leaders were sentenced to death penalty. He also forgot that this terrorist organization is banned by the Egyptian law. You may also call for reconciliation with drug dealers and smugglers of antiquities since they murdered nobody unlike the Muslim Brotherhood who killed the Egyptian soldiers and injured thousands of them not to mention the civilians and judges who were killed.
The Egyptian constitution was written after secret meetings with leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood. Therefore, many articles are yet questionable. Let the constitution go to hell, and long live Egypt.
I wonder: don’t you know the Muslim Brotherhood is so evil? Does the government work against the state institutions? What the Parliament think of such controversy statements?