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  • Friday ,10 June 2016

Civil Marriage and headache for years

Magdy Malak

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Saturday ,11 June 2016

Civil Marriage and headache for years

Every day I read the news I must find something about the civil Marriage and how is the church in Egypt refuse anything called Civil Marriage. In fact I find there is no need for that entire headache, if we want to solve this issue in simple way. The problem I see that we are facing in Egypt in general  that we are keen so much to issue a law and then never follow any law. 

I really don’t understand that crowd of news and arguing about something I see it’s very simple to solve even without need to issue a new law. Simply marriage is a choice, whoever wants to marry in the church he has the freedom to marry in the church, whoever wants to marry civil marriage; he also has the freedom to do that. 
If it’s so simple so where is the problem? I can see that the problem is the church doesn’t want people go to have Civil marriage first and then come to register that marriage in the church not the opposite, because normally after people getting married in the church, the church after go and register that marriage to be official. 
Meanwhile, I don’t understand if a person doesn’t care about getting married in the church from the beginning, why would he care after? 
In Conclusion, I want to assure that we are trying make everything hard on ourselves, and we have to leave everyone do whatever he believes is the right, without forcing the church to marry them and without forcing people to only have church marriage for those who don’t want.