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  • Thursday ,02 June 2016

US Elections and international crises

Magdy Malak

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Thursday ,02 June 2016

US Elections and international crises

While the United States now is experiencing wave of violence, the presidential elections is also considered one of the big event that is happening nowadays in US. Now we can see very clear that Hilary Clinton will be the official candidate for the Democratic Party while we can see also clear that trump will be the official candidate for the Republic party. 

From Reading and following the news for both candidate I can say that while Trump try to put himself as a defender for the US values especially when its related to Gay rights or freedom of speech and attacking the extremists Muslims, we can see clearly that Hilary Clinton trying to be moderate and to be shown as not fanatic or racist. 

The main difference between Clinton and Trump from my view that Trump is so clear to the extent of a shock and Clinton is so sneaky to avoid criticism. 

What I can’t see so in both candidate speeches is the international crisis, and I believe that is normal in the US election because they like to focus in their elections on the internal issues that touch the everyday people’s life, however, I believe this is not the only reason but also because the international crises are now very complicated and costly.