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  • Tuesday ,04 May 2010

Egypt Tagammu party to field 12 Shura candidates

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Tuesday ,04 May 2010

Egypt Tagammu party to field 12 Shura candidates
Egyptian leftist Tagammu Party has raised the number of candidates it plans to field in upcoming elections for Egypt's Shura Council from nine to 12
"We plan to meet on 8 May to discuss how we will finance their respective campaigns, " said Tagammu Secretary-General Sayed Abdel Al, noting that the party depended primarily on donations for funding.
Abdel Al went on to say that he was currently in the process of trying to persuade Tagammu Vice President Anis el-Bayaa to return to his post after the latter relinquished membership in the party because it held talks with the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) opposition group. "I hope el-Bayaa attends our May 8th meeting," said Abdel Al.
Particpants at the planned meeting are expected to decide whether or not the party should continue to coordinate with the MB as it does with other, secular opposition parties.