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  • Friday ,27 May 2016

The Tomato and the world crisis

Magdy Malak

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Saturday ,28 May 2016

The Tomato and the world crisis

In the news few days ago there was a Spanish Tomato festival which a lot of people throw the tomato in the street trying to get the red color from the Tomato. At the same time there was news about how Nigerians suffer from shortage of Tomato because of some insects killed 80 % of the Tomato crop. 

From these two news we want to see the irrational world we live in. Some people don’t mind to throw the food in the street and some others barely can find the food to feed their children and their families. 
Sometimes we are asking ourselves where is the problem, but it’s clear that our problem in how do we use our resources in this world. If Spain can give what’s left over and all other countries do the same, the world will not have any shortages in crop or in the food. 
In conclusion, I want to assure that we are as the people determine where this world going to be, how is going the future to looks like.