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  • Friday ,20 May 2016

The Rudeness of the international Media

Magdy Malak

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Saturday ,21 May 2016

The Rudeness of the international Media

For the beginning of my article, I want to offer my condolence to the families of the victims of the Egyptian airplane that fell in the Mediterranean sea. Our heart and prayers with the families and I ask God to have mercy on them and give them patience and peace in the hard times they passed by. 


We always have been taught that one of the main media ethics is not attack any person can't defend himself , on contrary, CNN adopted an opposite direction of what it should be followed. When CNN release or broadcast news that claim that the pilot of the Egyptian Airplane commit suicide, I have nothing to describe that claims except with this sentence " This is the rudeness shape of the media".


When all reports and history of the pilot shows he had a good reputation and CNN claim the opposite, It explains the rudeness of such media to accuse someone can not defend himself. I imagine myself the father of that pilot and listen that kind of stories, I will be definitely so angry and mad on such claims. 


I suggest Egypt Air to sue CNN for that claims, especially that CNN doesn't have any proof for that rudeness. I will not make claims that CNN is following a certain a agenda to ruin that image of Egypt Air and consequently, that will have bad impact on that national company, but at the same time I have the right to describe what it did with rudeness and not professional.