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  • Friday ,13 May 2016

Too Much

Magdy Malak

Article Of The Day


Saturday ,14 May 2016

Too Much

When you live or read about how other society live, you will find out that Egypt has too much in many things and that from my view make everything not good and needs a lot of efforts by working not only by talking.


For example, Egypt has too many accidents to that extent every day you will find a family sad on their lost. Back to the simple solution for that problem is the people themselves. Law is not only enough to keep any nation safe. We need the culture of the people be different and care so much about others than rushing to catch a football game and killing many.
Another example, Egypt has too much media. I don’t believe that Egypt needs all of these channels and TVS. At the same time when you have too much media it means you have too much unemployment and you want people waste their time in watching these shows and forget about working hard and contribute in the community. 
The last example I want to mention before ending my article is that Egypt has too much unorganized society especially when it’s related to the economic side and the sectors that not paying taxes regularly or  trying to avoid the real profits. The problem in this issue is that you are not helping the society and the country to serve the people in the way they are expecting. 
In conclusion, I want to assure that having too much in a lot of things is Egypt’s main problem, and the solution in my view should start from good education and creating real jobs.