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  • Friday ,06 May 2016

Reforms is highly recommended

Magdy Malak

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Sunday ,08 May 2016

Reforms is highly recommended

By observing the clashes that happened lately between the syndicate of the journalism and the interior ministry, I can confirm without any hesitation that we need an immediate reform. This reform not to any of these institutions but the reform they need is to their behaviour and their morals. 

When you follow these events, you will find out that every side was waiting for a mistake to the other side, however, that shouldn’t be how two main institution in the country deal with each other.
There is no doubt that Interior ministry was trying to repeat what it was doing in the past before the 25th revolution.  Interior Ministry not only called the thugs “Honorable citizens”, but also, they let them hit the journalists and injury them, for example, They injured “ Abd Al-Aleem Dawood” a journslist from Al-wafd newspaper.
Having said that, The Syndicate of Journalism as well didn’t seek to finish the issue as rational  institution but instead of that considered as a part of the next election campaign and started to call for strikes and demonstration and we can’t understand this action away from the next election coming very soon.
The president of the syndicate of Journalism consider this even very useful to the next elections, that’s why I believe he intended to escalate this event.
In conclusion, I want to say that form this event, I can assure that we need to be more rational and not searching for conflicts between each other, because such events shows us as very week to solve one internal issue, so how would will be able to solve the external one.