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  • Friday ,22 April 2016

Does the Parliament Represent Egyptians?

Magdy Malak

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Saturday ,23 April 2016

Does the Parliament Represent Egyptians?

After the parliament agreed on their government agenda 2 days ago, we must stop and think deeply about them. Is the parliament ready to defend Egyptians’ interests and achieve their dreams, or are they only here to satisfy the Authorities and the President?

Any Parliament in the world should represent only the people of its nation, not authorities, because it is through parliament that we can pass laws related to taxes, pensions, education, and a lot of different perspectives of Egyptian life. Furthermore, the parliament is also responsible for passing any agreements between Egypt and other countries, like the last agreement between Egypt and Saudi Arabia, where Egypt allegedly gave the two islands of Tiran Sanafir to Saudi Arabia.
It’s very dangerous when the parliament doesn’t do anything except what the authorities want, because it means that the authorities and the President controls the parliament, when the opposite is required.  Until now, it is clear that the parliament is subordinate to the President not superior. 
But the real question we need to ask here is: is the parliament qualified to be independent? I don’t think so for many reasons. The first and the most important reason, is that the parliament should focus on diverse people and deal with from different directions. This is something good because it shows the diversity in the parliament but at the same time when the parliament lacks majority, they look like a coffee shop that has visitors from everywhere. 
In conclusion, I want to be clear that if the parliament members didn’t start to amend their attitude, I believe that this parliament will be in danger. I think it will be dissolved one day before finishing its period.