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  • Friday ,15 April 2016

Dictatorship doesn’t create nations

Magdy Malak

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Saturday ,16 April 2016

Dictatorship doesn’t create nations

There is no doubt that President Sisi changed from an inspired leader to a leader that likes to be the only person sound to be right. Sisi started his presidency period with different attitude, however, this didn’t last more than one year. 

I believe that Egypt going toward another dictatorship. There are many conducts if the president did or said you can consider it as remarks of a new dictatorship. One of these remarks when the president say to the nation, just listen to 2200 and President Sisi said that sentence before.
Another remarks of the dictatorship if the president started to do things without telling his nations, and that what president Sisi did exactly when he gave Terran and Sanafir Islands to Saudi Arabia. These were just examples of the president behaviour in the last two years.
If President Sisi thinks that by being a dictator, he will be able to create a sound society, I can assure him that dictatorship will never create a creative society. Dictatorship creates fears and fears never create or generate a good society.
President Sisi still has great chance to amend his attitude and the intellectualists should also give him honest advice not to praise everything he does. I invite all politician and intellectualists also to make an urgent meeting to review the president performance in the last two years and show the public opinion that politics didn’t die and by this way the nation will feel that there is political mobility.