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  • Friday ,08 April 2016

Sisi is losing the compass

Magdy Malak

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Saturday ,09 April 2016

Sisi is losing the compass

There are many events happened lately in Egypt, through them we can confirm without any doubt that President Sisi started to lose his compass. There are many crises appeared lately showed without any doubt that Sis failed to handle these crises.


Many of these crises Sisi may not be responsible for it directly but we can say that he at least failed to manage some of these crises. 
For example the case of the Italian researcher Gulio Regeni, President Sisi failed to be a responsible president and tell the truth for the world and to Italy, but instead of telling the truth, the interior ministry killed 5 innocent citizens without any judgement.
Also Giving the two Islands “ Terran and Sanafir” to Saudi Arabia was a big mistake not because Egypt owns them or not but the main failure was on not  talking to the public opinion and tell them what’s behind that decision now. 
All these crises, tell us without doubt that we back to the old regime in handling the big issues in the society. I can assure that even Mubarak wouldn’t be able to take this step without putting it in the media first and to the public discussion. 
President Sisi deal with Egyptians as they are sub-ordinate and we have to follow him in all cases or as he said before “ Just listen to me”, and this will never work and it means that Sisi started to lose his compass.