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  • Friday ,01 April 2016

Pakistani Christians and double standard of the international community

Magdy Malak

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Saturday ,02 April 2016

Pakistani Christians and double standard of the international community

In the western eastern day, about 72 Pakistani Christians died a lot of them are children and hundreds injured. I want to stand here a little of time in the reaction of the international community toward what happened toward Pakistani Christians and compare it to their reaction toward what happened in France after many people killed in a shooting. 

When the shooting happened in France, all western countries were united and condemned the attack; furthermore, most of western leaders went to France to take part in the walk so express their Solidarity with France against the attack. 
Why human should be western to the international community to respect. For example look to the case of Julio Regeni! The European parliament, Italy and the whole world paying attention to that case and I completely agree with them that they should care, however, why no one cares when the victim is not western. 
Did we back to the time of Nazi but just in a hidden way? Are the people classified based on their race but we just raise the slogan of human rights to cover on our discrimination. The Double standard of the west behaviour is very clear.
In Conclusion, I want to emphasise that Human should be human whatever they are poor or rich, living in developed country or developing country, they have the power or they are weak. The UN also should play an important role in urging the whole world to announce their solidarity with those who are innocent but don’t have the giant media to support them.