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  • Friday ,25 March 2016

Was it the policy who killed Guilio Regeni?

Magdy Malak

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Saturday ,26 March 2016

Was it the policy who killed Guilio Regeni?

After the interior ministry announced that it could find the gang that responsible for killing “Guilio Regeni” and all local media and international media couldn’t stop talking about this matter. 


Unfortunately, I can say that the interior ministry introduced the evidence that the Egyptian police killed “Guilio Regeni”. I always believe that if you did something wrong, it will be known even after a while. 
All the accusations fingers is toward the Egyptian police now. And I can say that 90% of the Egyptian believe that the police killed “Guilio Regeni” and this is because Egyptian know how is the Egyptian police deal with their own people so how it would be looks like to deal with someone the police believe its threaten to the current regime. 
It’s very bad that the only authority that supposed to be responsible for protecting people to be the killer for their citizen and for the foreigners. 
The reputation of the Egyptian police is known all over the world and that only helps the international community believe that the Egyptian police is responsible for killing Regeni.
I wish one day to respect ourselves and respect the human rights and confess that a mistake happened and the police was responsible for that action if that was the case. The world will not respect us and will never cooperate with us if we hide the truth while it’s clear.