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  • Friday ,18 March 2016

Syrian Refugee

Magdy Malak

Article Of The Day


Saturday ,19 March 2016

Syrian Refugee

Lately I had the chance to know closely some of the Syrian refugee. I can’t deny how much I was feeling sorry for them. I was eager to ask them many questions about everything they saw and how was the situation before they leave their country; however, I thought it might not be the right time to go and open such subjects that might be wounds for them. 


Any way I could get an idea and recognize some of their traits. Some of their traits are close to the Egyptian traits in many things and different in others. When you see the Syrian you will feel that they are like the Egyptian exactly from Upper Egypt. You will see them kind, humble, struggling to survive, has dreams to be better and improve the quality of their life.
Syrian are ready to work anything and don’t like to be lazy. They can accept any wages and they don’t mind to start small. They are so ambitious and looking to do anything to make their family and their kids feel happy and satisfied. 
One more thing I want to mention that all refugee I have met are Muslims and here I want to emphasise that I’m not against any person whatever his religion is, but I have the right to ask one question where are the Syrian Christians and why they are not welcomed as others.
In conclusion, I want to say that it’s very hard on any person to leave his country and his family and his home and go to a strange country. Even he left to a rich country; I believe it’s not easy on anyone to leave everything behind his back.