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  • Friday ,11 March 2016

Mr. President: This is not your Job!

Magdy Malak

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Saturday ,12 March 2016

Mr. President: This is not your Job!

In his last speech to Amr Adeb, President Sis was trying to explain the programs and projects he is willing to finfish before his first period finish. When I was listening carefully to all what he said, I found out that he was talking about housing projects, Fish Farms, in Sinai and in other places. 

Although, I have no problems for doing any of these projects, however, I don’t see it’s appropriate to the presidents Sisi to speak about these projects. I understand that these kinds of projects should be the responsibility of house Ministry and ministry of agriculture.
Since I hear the president talk about these projects I started to be so worry about Egypt. President of Egypt should have more important file to work in more than housing and fish farms. I don’t think Mr President should work in these file but on the big files which all Egyptian worry about.
President Sisi, should work on the water file, The “Nahda Dam”, should work on the human rights situation in Egypt which lead the European Parliament release a harsh statement about human rights situation in Egypt, Mr President should work in the bad economic situation that Egypt suffer from especially the US Dollar Crisis which will lead to the highest inflation since decades.
I’m not trying to depress Sisi but I’m trying to amend his compass. Also the media has important role to be honest with Sisi and not just praise him for everything even when he is mistaken. The media shoud be honest because Egypt not because of Sisi. If we want to make a real reform, we need to be a real honest.