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  • Friday ,04 March 2016

Is Egypt turned to be a big prison?

Magdy Malak

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Saturday ,05 March 2016

Is Egypt turned to be a big prison?

The last decree to prison 4 Coptic for 5 years gives very bad indication about Egypt and the freedom of expression inside Egypt. This sentence is not the first precedence to prison people because of their opinion and their thoughts. This let me ask the regime that question; do you want to turn Egypt to be a big prison for everyone? 

Before the 4 Coptic, the court prisoned also Islam Behary for 3 years, Fatma Naout and The writer Ahmad Nagy because of his novel “The usage of life” and although I might have some concerns and remarks on his novel, however, I can’t believe that the regime can prison him instead of discussing his work and shows what’s good and what’s bad in it. 
Every time I read about someone prisoned because of his opinion lets me scared and worried about Egypt, because after 5 years of the revolution Egyptian were expecting more tolerance and more freedom, Egyptian were expecting more space. 
You don’t need to let Egyptian be afraid or scared because of their opinion. Being scared or afraid don’t create a real person but create coward people and will never prevent people from doing things they want behind the walls and the doors of the prison.
If the regime started to announce a real reform in the infrastructure of the legislations that allow the court to sentence people because of their opinion, that would give a negative indication about the regime that always talks about reform in his speech but never do anything on the ground.