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  • Thursday ,03 March 2016

Stop the farce of jailing children and intellectuals


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Thursday ,03 March 2016

Stop the farce of jailing children and intellectuals

I was so sad to hear about the crisis of Minya children who were sentenced to five years in prison on charges of contempt of Islam. However, it showed that the state institutions know that Christian children are born men! Egypt sees them more adult than other intellectuals like Islam Behairy and Fatima Naaot since the children were sentenced to more years in prison than those intellectuals! The judge must find such ruling fair according the constitutional and law.

Moreover, Christian girls are treated the same way before the same institutions since they are allowed to convert to Islam at any age considering them children no more!
The problem is not in the law of defamation of religion, but in the second article of the constitution that make an Islamic state of Egypt and treats non-Muslims as second grade citizens.
The “fair” ruling against the Christian children for filming 30 seconds clip about the slaughter of 21 Copts in Libya by ISIS should lead other intellectuals and even Islamic scholars to prison like the actors who killed in the name of Islam in TV series and those who broadcasted video of ISIS. Islamic scholars who despised Christianity and incited against Christians should be imprisoned as well. 
If we want to cure Egypt from sectarianism and division, we should return to a civil constitution. I call the president Abdul Fattah al-Sisi to stop the farce of jailing children and intellectuals and stop the agents of Wahabbism who seek division and destruction of Egypt.