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  • Wednesday ,02 March 2016

Destroying the future of Coptic children

Michel Fahmy

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Wednesday ,02 March 2016

Destroying the future of Coptic children

An Egyptian court sentenced four children to five years in prison, which was denounced by several Egyptian activists and clergy and public figures. Those children had promising future and were supposed to build their country, but now they are suffering in prison along with their teacher who filmed the video 40 seconds video clip using his mobile phone in which they criticize the heinous crime of ISIS’ slighter of 21 Copts in Libya. What did those minors do to deserve such extreme punishment? They only reacted to a bloody crime against Copts that was filmed in a video that was spreader all over the world. The president ordered airstrikes against ISIS positions in Libya after their crime against the Egyptians.

This humanitarian catastrophe of such slaughter shook the hearts and feelings of millions of people all over the world, and those children were no exception. Yet, the Egyptian judiciary punished those children and destroyed their future to disprove the indulgence of Islam, Egyptian judiciary, and to prove that ISIS just belongs to Islam. The children were accused of mocking the Islamic rituals and filming a video clip to disturb public peace.
I have to comment on this court ruling even if I will be imprisoned for this! The charge is exaggerated since they have never distributed the clip in front of mosques and churches in order to make sedition. It’s the ruling that is full of sectarianism that really made such sedition. Can’t you imagine the feeling of young children who see their fellow Christians slain just for being Christians? 
They are so young, but you didn’t care for destroying their future? Everything can be taken as defamation of religion according to your law. How come the attorney general and this judge decided to condemn those children for what they considered a game!
Such ruling proves ISIS belongs to Islam. Therefore, I believe that civil society organizations should start to collect signatures to stop this farce that defames both Islam and the Egyptian judiciary. 
The law of defamation of religions is a punishment for Christians, but not the scholars of Islam since they defame Christianity day and night with no punishment at all. This law is indeed defamation of religions since we believe that religion is loftier than laws since they are protected by God. Therefore, why don’t you let God defends his religion?
Egyptian judiciary should stop that farce and never accept similar lawsuits. Egyptian lawyers should defend their judiciary as well as those young children who may come out of prison after five years as criminals that are full of hatred for the nation and Islam. Shall my voice be heard?