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  • Friday ,26 February 2016

Wait for a long time


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Friday ,26 February 2016

Wait for a long time

What has happened recently by some policemen in Egypt including sexually harassing a girl who was going out of a church, beating doctors at a hospital and killing a taxi driver for dispute over fare, can’t be attributed to a conspiracy of the Muslim Brotherhood or increasing arrogance of policemen!

In fact, Egyptian policemen forgot everything about dignity of Egyptian citizens 40 years ago. They got used to hit the people inside police stations and even arrest innocent relatives of people wanted by police.
Several policemen ignored drug smugglers and arrested a poor woman selling vegetables at the sidewalk for not having a license.
Policemen have not become worse since they are already too bad for a long time. Our community is responsible too since it enthrones young students of police academy feeding their arrogance. Police has not changed. Yet, the people did since their fear was broken and they claimed their rights. The people started to look forward to the real role of police which is serving the people and ensure their security. All encroachments are now considered great sin. All individual accidents won’t happen since people would fear clashing with policemen. However, the question remains: will policemen start serving the people as they should? I think we will have to wait for a long time!