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  • Friday ,19 February 2016

Another Time the interior ministry

Magdy Malak

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Saturday ,20 February 2016

Another Time the interior ministry

I remember I wrote an article one month ago about the violation that interior ministry does lately and that should stop by any way. I have mentioned that Sisi should play an important role in amending the interior ministry behaviour otherwise it means that he didn’t learn the lesson from the previous presidents.

When a single behaviour repeated many times, it means we in front of a phenomenon that could cause a big problem not only to the regime but also for the whole society. The interior ministry which is supposed to be responsible for the security and let people feel safe become doing the opposite actions.
It’s a time to stop and investigate what’s happening and to take an immediate action toward all of this violence toward the Egyptian from the officers. I can guarantee that if Sisi didn’t take an immediate actions that would be just an introduction to another revolution against that actions.
As all media and Egyptian were supporting Sisi against the terrorism actions from the Muslim Brotherhood. Now the Egyptian will be against Sisi and his regime if he didn’t take an immediate action and when I say immediate action I mean it.
In conclusion, I want to say that human rights organizations and all NGOs should play and push the regime so hard to amend all of this violence, otherwise, we will another chaos