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  • Tuesday ,16 February 2016

Egypt between the European and the Soviet cultures


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Tuesday ,16 February 2016

Egypt between the European and the Soviet cultures

Egypt has always been under the control of a superpower. Muhammad Ali in the early nineteenth century admired the western civilization and decided to make Cairo like France. Khedive Ismail even named Cairo "France of the East". His successors followed this rule for a while until Egypt was occupied by Britain and became an English colony.

Egypt embraced the European culture until the military coup on July 23, 1952. Abdel Nasser had intense hostility to the West and decided to put an end to such relation.
The Egyptians imitated the French elegance, etiquette, and literature. Egyptian poets, writers and intellectuals were influenced by the English civilization at that time.
Egypt under Nasser's rule moved towards the Eastern bloc led by the Soviet Union. This era was distinguished by equality, social cohesion, stable jobs, and low income with cheap prices. 
The Egyptians were so kind, generous and hard working. They were not violent and had great satisfaction. 
In fact, Egypt was much nicer when it was affected by the French and the Russian cultures. Then it deteriorated when it followed the American culture. Sadat indeed led Egypt to retardation in all aspects of life when he followed the Americans.