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  • Wednesday ,10 February 2016

They are fooling you, Mr President

By-Emad El-Sayed-dailynewsegypt



Wednesday ,10 February 2016

They are fooling you, Mr President

Mr.President, I would like to know who thinks with you. Who takes decisions without consulting with you? Who is causing your reputation to decline? Who is responsible for the continuous wasting of the looming opportunities?

Mr President, do not believe those whispering to you, saying that your elite can convince the people with what you want. The people no longer believe the lying elite. Actually, Egypt no longer has elite. Do not believe those whispering to you saying that the angry youth stand on shaking ground and that the people trust them no more. The opposite is true; the people await hope for change. I absolutely do not mean you. I mean the change the people have been waiting for since January 2011.
Mr President, you are losing many opportunities that you can use to increase your popularity. I can assert that those around you are responsible for that. You did not need to apologise to Islam Guawish or placate the Ultras. You did not need to come out every now and then to justify acts of your men with businessmen. It was possible that all events could be played to your favour if your entourage acted for it.
Mr President, why did not you talk about freedoms and the protection of Egyptians inside and outside the country when you welcomed Egyptians liberated from Libya. It was a great opportunity and better than asking them whether or not they had money.
Mr President, you are the ruler of Egypt but you are an employee of the Egyptian state. You possess the highest rank in the executive body, which is obliged to practice sound management for the sake of the country and the people who pay taxes, from which your salary is paid. Unfortunately, all of them do not know how to behave and do what they have to do for the advancement of the country. They believe they are superior to the people. Why wait and be patient with those not carrying out all their duties?
Mr President, there are a lot of ideas for development that can benefit the people in the street, that can raise the conditions of the people. However, nobody is moving towards that. They are waiting for you to give the signal since Egypt’s prosperity depends on leaders capable of turning the helm in the right direction.
The conclusion is that those around you, whispering through the media or intermediaries, often fool you. You should step away from the scene and take two steps back to assess the work of those around you.
Mr President, we need development projects that will alleviate the day-to-day suffering of the poor. We want investment projects benefiting those at the bottom of the pyramid.
Mr President, summon those who you feel fit. But tell us what your vision is for the future of Egypt. Tell us your plans to please the people who put their hopes in you and their fate in your hands. Do not provide mercy to those who fail to achieve your plans. Stop emphaising the army and its institutions. A change for the better should be the goal of all state employees. Those who cannot work for that change or actively hinder it should be dismissed. This is Egypt we are talking about.
Mr President, we waited and waited to see any sign of change. So do not listen to those who whisper sweet talks to you, telling you everything is fine, for they are fooling you. These words brought down those who preceded you. Those telling you that everything is fine are fooling you Mr President. The youth are angry. Homes are burdened with financial pressures. Services need a revolution. Everybody is waiting for you to release the project.
Mr President, reconsider your government. The economic group has no vision. Those in charge of services keep making excuses. So let them leave their chairs for those who can change things. Sit down with the youth and listen to them and to their ideas, for they have many. Release plans for improvements to freedoms. Let parties work on the ground. Allow men of thought, literature, and religion to fly in the sky of creativity. Everyone awaits you to signal a new beginning for a new era. Let your cultural and economic projects materialise. Rely on the youth; they are the better group that can promote Egypt. Dust off the weak and losers around you and summon others that can manage Egypt with you.