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  • Wednesday ,20 January 2016

Weather forecast: Cold weather to continue Wednesday


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Wednesday ,20 January 2016

Weather forecast: Cold weather to continue Wednesday

Meteorologists expect slightly cold weather in the morning on Wednesday and very cold weather at night.

Temperatures could reach frost in central Sinai and north Upper Egypt especially on farmland.  
Low and medium level clouds will cover the north accompanied by rain along the north coast.
Mist will appear in Lower Egypt, Cairo and the Suez Canal cities.
Wind will be mostly northeasterly ranging in strength between light to moderate. It will be active in the Red Sea and Gulf of Suez, disrupting navigation. Wave heights in the Red Sea will range between two to two and a half meters.
The Mediterranean Sea will be turbulent in some parts. Wave heights will range between two and a half and three meters. Surface wind will be northwesterly in both seas.
Expected maximum and minimum temperatures on Wednesday in Cairo 18/8C, in Alexandria 17/8C, in Sharm el-Sheikh 22/14 C, in Luxor 22/7 C, and in Aswan 22/9C.