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  • Friday ,15 January 2016

America reaping the fruits of its clumsy policy

Mina M. Azer

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Friday ,15 January 2016

America reaping the fruits of its clumsy policy

There is no doubt that recent American presidents are getting from bad to worse. I don’t think they work for the benefit of their country, but according to their arrogance and lack of understanding. They thought they are able to change the reality of many countries. However, they failed and clashed with many people and countries.

America has lost all its allies in the Middle East, including Egypt, during the past 16 years. It supported the Muslim Brotherhood and lost Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Emirates. In contrast, America chose to support its relations with Turkey, Qatar, and Israel. 
America in the past was wiser and its policy was more stable. Now it reveals its ugly face without equivocation or embellishment. 
The question here is: will America reap the fruits of its clumsy policy? Will Qatar be more beneficial for America than the Saudi Arabia? I believe it’s impossible unless they destroy the Saudi Kingdom. Will America depend only on Turkey and Israel ignoring Egypt and its impact in the region? Let them dream to fix their relations with Iran that is already heading towards Russia. In fact, Russian presence is progressing very quickly in the region. Moreover, France is investing such US failure to provide arms to Egypt and the UAE.