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  • Thursday ,14 January 2016

The Untold Story of the Personal Status Law

Hany Ramses

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Thursday ,14 January 2016

The Untold Story of the Personal Status Law
I spoke in a previous article about the regulations of personal status of non-Muslims, especially the Coptic Christians. They only accept divorce for reasons related to committing adultery.
Another regulation was issued in 2008 by General Congregation Council headed by Pope Shenouda III. The regulation presented new causes of divorce including what was considered signs of committing adultery. This regulation canceled others that were permitting divorce in the courts for reasons other than committing adultery like being absent for more than 5 years without knowing if the spouse is dead or alive, or harming the spouse physically, or the spouse can’t stand the other party anymore and are already abandoned her or him for more than three years.
The new regulation of 2008 only accepted adultery as reason for divorce. The church didn’t accept several verdicts of divorce and permits for second marriages. However, after the revolution of January 25, the personal status law became an issue to discuss everywhere, even in media.
Several associations were formed and arguments were raised in hot discussions. In fact, the legalization of divorce in cases of adultery is a kind of punishment to the sinner party. This is not about the legalization of polygamy or divorce. 
It’s simply about people who can’t stand one another anymore. There are consultants in several churches that try to teach people about marital life and how to raise children. However, they fail in many cases, especially as some people show no respect for the church and clergy and continue harming the other party through deviation or drug addiction.   
In short, the church has to care for her children and help them through the holy spirit and not to worship the letters. I believe that God won’t punish people for others’ mistakes. The church has to gather her children like she does with her clergy.